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Ulster Unionist Party


The Ulster Unionists' candidate in the 2009 European election, Jim Nicholson, actually stood under the banner of "Conservatives and Unionists" which was a short form of "Ulster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force (UCUNF)", an electoral alliance between the Ulster Unionists and the Conservative Party.

However since this alliance is nbow defunct, Nicholson is listed as an Ulster Unionist.

Result in 2009 for Ulster Unionist

Region Votes %Vote Quotas Seats Graph
N Ireland 82,893 17.11 0.68 1/3
Total 82,893 17.11 1/3
Not England 82,893 3.65 1/13
United Kingdom 82,893 0.53 1/73


  • Votes - the votes the party got in that region
  • %Vote - the percentage of total votes in that region the party got
  • Quotas - the number of d'Hondt quotas the party got. A party is guaranteed a seat for each quota it gets, and may receive more. This is a measure of how close a party is to getting a seat.
  • Seats - how many seats the party got out of the total available
  • Graph - a bargraph of the party's vote share in a region