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Scottish National Party


The Scottish Nationalists currently hold 2 seats in the European Parliament. But they've done well in recent elections -- they scored 44% of the vote in the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary election, and 33% of first preferences in the local elections a year later -- so they are probably hoping to win 3 seats in this European election.

Having said that, the SNP probably view the European election as somewhat of a sideshow. Their raison d'ĂȘtre is Scottish independence, and there will be a referendum on that a few months after the European election. They'll be hoping for a good result in the European election that will transform into a win for the Yes vote on independence.

The SNP will also probably be secretly hoping the Conservatives do well in the European election. Many Scots don't like the Tories, and the prospect of another Tory government after the 2015 UK general election could push a few into the Yes camp for independence.

Result in 2009 for SNP

Region Votes %Vote Quotas Seats Graph
Scotland 321,007 29.06 2.03 2/6
Total 321,007 29.06 2/6
Not England 321,007 14.12 2/13
Great Britain 321,007 2.12 2/70
United Kingdom 321,007 2.05 2/73


  • Votes - the votes the party got in that region
  • %Vote - the percentage of total votes in that region the party got
  • Quotas - the number of d'Hondt quotas the party got. A party is guaranteed a seat for each quota it gets, and may receive more. This is a measure of how close a party is to getting a seat.
  • Seats - how many seats the party got out of the total available
  • Graph - a bargraph of the party's vote share in a region