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Roman Party Ave

Result in 2009 for Roman

Region Votes %Vote Quotas Seats Graph
SE England 5,450 0.23 0.03 0/10
Total 5,450 0.23 0/10
England 5,450 0.04 0/60
South England 5,450 0.08 0/31
Great Britain 5,450 0.04 0/70
United Kingdom 5,450 0.03 0/73


  • Votes - the votes the party got in that region
  • %Vote - the percentage of total votes in that region the party got
  • Quotas - the number of d'Hondt quotas the party got. A party is guaranteed a seat for each quota it gets, and may receive more. This is a measure of how close a party is to getting a seat.
  • Seats - how many seats the party got out of the total available
  • Graph - a bargraph of the party's vote share in a region