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European Election 2009 - result in West Midlands


The table below says that West Midlands elected 7 MEPs. However in June 2009, only 6 were elected. Why then does it say 7? Because at the time of the election the UK was entitled to 72 MEPs, but when the Lisbon Treaty came into effect on 1 December 2009, allocation of MEPs changed and Britain was allocated 73.

So the electoral commission dusted off the formula they used to decide how many MEPs each region got, and found that if Britain had had an extra MEP, the extra seat would have gone to the West Midlands, giving it 7. It further decided that under the d'Hondt system used to allocate seats to parties, the extra seat would have gone to the Conservatives.

The Conservatives already had 2 MEPs, so the extra seat went to the third candidate on their list, Anthea McIntyre.

Looking at other parties, UKIP had 2 MEPs elected in 2009, Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire. However they only have one in this region now, because Sinclaire left UKIP in January 2010, and in September 2012 set up her own We Demand a Referendum party, who are calling for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

Party Votes %Vote Quotas Seats Graph
  Conservative 396,847 28.08 2.25 3
  UKIP 300,471 21.26 1.70 2
  Labour 240,201 17.00 1.36 1
  Lib Dem 170,246 12.05 0.96 1
  BNP 121,967 8.63 0.69 0
  Green 88,244 6.24 0.50 0
  Eng Dem 32,455 2.30 0.18 0
  Christian 18,784 1.33 0.11 0
  Soc Labour 14,724 1.04 0.08 0
  No2EU 13,415 0.95 0.08 0
  Jury Team 8,721 0.62 0.05 0
  Libertas 6,961 0.49 0.04 0
Total 1,413,036 100.00 7


  • Votes - the votes the party got in that region
  • %Vote - the percentage of total votes in that region the party got
  • Quotas - the number of d'Hondt quotas the party got. A party is guaranteed a seat for each quota it gets, and may receive more. This can be used as a measure of how close a party is to getting a seat.
  • Seats - how many seats the party got out of the total available
  • Graph - a bargraph of the party's vote share in a region