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European Election 2009 - result in Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that uses Single Transferable Vote (STV) as its electoral system for the European elections. All other UK electoral regions use d'Hondt closed lists. Northern Ireland uses STV for all elections except those for the Westminster Parliament, which use FPTP.)

Note that because NI uses STV the results table below is incomplete, since it only shows first preferences and the result of an STV election depends on lower preferences, not just first preferences. Although having said that, in all NI elections to the European Parliament, the three candidates with the most 1st preferences were in fact elected.

Party Votes %Vote Quotas Seats Graph
  Sinn Féin 126,184 26.04 1.04 1
  Dem Unionist 88,346 18.23 0.73 1
  Ulster Unionist 82,893 17.11 0.68 1
  SDLP 78,489 16.20 0.65 0
  Trad Unionist 66,197 13.66 0.55 0
  Alliance 26,699 5.51 0.22 0
  Green 15,764 3.25 0.13 0
Total 484,572 100.00 3


  • Votes - the votes the party got in that region
  • %Vote - the percentage of total votes in that region the party got
  • Quotas - the number of d'Hondt quotas the party got. A party is guaranteed a seat for each quota it gets, and may receive more. This can be used as a measure of how close a party is to getting a seat.
  • Seats - how many seats the party got out of the total available
  • Graph - a bargraph of the party's vote share in a region