Frequently Asked Questions

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What's this site about?

The election of the European Parliament, in May 2014. All 27 countries in the European Union will be electing their representatives. However, this site only covers the UK.

When will the election be?

In the UK it will be held on 22 May 2014. Other EU states will hold the election on different days, for example some hold elections on a Saturday or Sunday.

What voting system is used?

Northern Ireland uses Single Transferable Vote. The other 11 regions of the UK use d'Hondt closed lists.

Who is my MEP?

Actually you have between 3 (if you live in Northern Ireland or North West England) and 10 (if you live in South East England).

This site doesn't list MEPs yet.

To find out what electoral region you live in, use the MapIt website. Then go to Wikipedia, and click the link to your electoral region and you'll find who your MEPs are.

Which electoral region do I live in?

To find out what electoral region you live in, go onto the MapIt website, and type in your postcode. It will then tell you what region you are in for all sorts of elections.

What decisions does the European Union actually make?

How do things become European law?

What powers do MEPs actually have?